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working to give every baby in the UK the healthiest start in life

Paul Gringras

This July I will once again be joining ‘Team Best Beginnings’ to take part in the London 10K Run.

Best Beginnings’ small but dedicated team work tirelessly to create resources, run projects and deliver change programmes to reduce inequalities in child health across the UK.

As a paediatrician, I understand the importance of the preventative approach Best Beginnings takes and I value the focus the charity places on demonstrating the impact of their work. I ask that you dig deep and sponsor me as generously as you can.

Together we can make a difference for future generations.

At the finish line of the 2011 10K Run Paul said: "This is the 3rd year I've run for Best Beginnings. It gets better each year with more runners joining us. It's a great cause, and needed more than ever in the present economic climate. Looking after the babies makes good health and economic sense for everybody."

Paul Gringras
£10.00 Ms nicola campbell29 July 2013
£50.00 Professor Harold Baum27 July 2013
£50.00 Ms Alison Baum23 July 2013
£5.00 Miss Sarah Jones09 July 2013
£5.00 Miss Muireann Feore09 July 2013
£10.00 Miss Katy Strudwick08 July 2013
£10.00 Ms Kirsty Gilmour08 July 2013
£10.00 Mrs Tina Wood08 July 2013
£10.00 Mrs Sigrun Lester08 July 2013
£25.00 Ms jacqueline Gordon07 July 2013
£25.00 Mrs Andrea Grossman10 June 2013
£50.00 Mr Simon Blank10 June 2013
£50.00 Dr Geoffrey Baum10 June 2013
£25.00 Professor Michael Baum10 June 2013
£50.00 Mr Robert Blank09 June 2013
£10.00 Ms nicola campbell £50.00 Professor Harold Baum £50.00 Ms Alison Baum £5.00 Miss Sarah Jones £5.00 Miss Muireann Feore £10.00 Miss Katy Strudwick £10.00 Ms Kirsty Gilmour £10.00 Mrs Tina Wood £10.00 Mrs Sigrun Lester £25.00 Ms jacqueline Gordon £25.00 Mrs Andrea Grossman £50.00 Mr Simon Blank £50.00 Dr Geoffrey Baum £25.00 Professor Michael Baum £50.00 Mr Robert Blank
I'm fundraising for Best Beginnings
Paul Gringras
Target: £1,000.00
Raised: £395.00


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Dr Geoffrey Baum
Mr Simon Blank
Mr Robert Blank
Ms Alison Baum
Professor Harold Baum