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National Teenage Pregnancy Midwifery Network

Working to improve outcomes for teenage parents and their children by developing maternity services to meet their needs.

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To contact or join the network, please email Jenny Mcleish on, giving your name and work address. 

What is the National Teenage Pregnancy Midwifery Network?

Founded by two teenage pregnancy specialist midwives in 2001, the network aims to improve maternity services for teenage parents and their children by 


  • collecting evidence on what works to improve outcomes
  • enabling midwives (and others) to share good practice and innovative work ideas
  • increasing support for midwives working specifically with young parents.

Who is the network for?

The network is for midwives who work with teenage parents or have an interest in teenage pregnancy, and for anyone else interested in the contribution maternity care can make to improving outcomes for teenage parents and their children. It has over 500 members. Joining the network is free.
What does the network do?

The network co-ordinator gathers evidence on effective practice on the maternity care of pregnant teenagers, and disseminates this evidence to network members, commissioners of maternity services and policy makers.

A termly email newsletter summarises policy initiatives, relevant publications and practice developments. To receive this newsletter send your details to

Regional networks co-ordinated by volunteers enable midwives to meet and share practice issues at a local level.

Publications for young parents

The young woman's guide to pregnancy (Tommy's - free)

This comprehensive 96 page guide from Tommy's, the baby charity, has been written and designed especially to appeal to young women with text, pictures and real life stories all featuring young pregnant women.  Free copies are available from

My pregnancy my choice, You and your baby (CHANGE)

Young mum to be (Kids Premiership)

Are you an expectant father? (Website)

Your pelvic floor (leaflet designed by teenagers)


Websites for young parents - 'The place for young parents'. Information, chatrooms for young parents, buddying scheme ('Big Sisters'.

Prymface ('Promoting Respect for Young Mothers') - positive, supportive blog - breastfeeding videos for young mums - breastfeeding website for young mums - stop smoking website for pregnant teenagers

Healthy eating


 A short guide for professionals who work with pregnant teenagers but don't have specialist training in nutrition.Free copies are available from

 Eating well in pregnancy: A practical guide to support teenagers (First Steps Nutrition Trust)
A detailed and practical guide including affordable recipes.

  Good enough to eat (Maternity Alliance/ Food Commission)

Based on interviews with 46 pregnant teenagers, this report looks at what they are eating, as well as factors influencing dietary habits, such as financial hardship, and attitudes to improving their diet.


Smoking cessation


 A short guide for professionals who work with pregnant teenagers, focusing on evidence and practical strategies. Free hard copies are available from


(18.10.06 conference)



 Young fathers

(18.10.06 conference)

Fatherhood Institute research briefing: Young Fathers


  Preventing unplanned second pregnancies

(Network paper)

 Antentatal/postnatal sexual health care pathway (Nottingham)





 Other resources developed by network members 

 Care pathway for teenagers (Durham and Darlington)
Care pathway for teenagers (Liverpool)

Care pathway for teenagers (Nottingham)

Social History form (Liverpool)
Needs assessment form (Dudley)
Postnatal phone consultation (Liverpool)

(Isle of Wight)
Referral criteria to teenage pregnancy midwives (Nottingham)

( Burnley)
(Burnley )



Other publications for practitioners

 The Department of Health, Teenage Pregnancy Unit and the Royal College of Midwives jointly produced this guide to help commissioners and local Teenage Pregnancy Strategies plan and deliver maternity services that young people trust and use. This fully revised edition includes sections on the poorer outcomes and access to services for teenagers and their babies; how improving maternity services for teenagers can help PCTs and Local Authorities meet a range of targets and policy goals; the importance of multi-agency working in commissioning and delivering services for this group; the minimum standards for a high quality maternity service for teenagers; emerging models of care and innovative practice in providing maternity services for pregnant teenagers and young fathers; and a toolkit of useful resources.


  This guide from the Department of Health and Department for Children, Schools and Families is particularly aimed at practitioners working in mainstream services or areas where there are no dedicated services for teenagers, but is useful to all who want to improve the service they offer to young people. It sets out reasons why it is important to improve the maternity services offered to young parents, and offers practical guidance on working with pregnant teenagers and young fathers.


: a midwifery guide to working with Connexions and other agencies

  The Teenage Pregnancy Unit, Department of Health, and Royal College of Midwives produced this guide in 2007 to support midwives in providing optimum care for teenagers through information sharing and dedicated care pathways.



The findings of the national evaluation of the Sure Start Plus pilot programme carried out by the Social Science Research Unit at the Institute of Education, University of London, were published in 2005.

 A rich collection of examples of practice considered effective by staff and/or teenagers, which provides a snapshot of the range and diversity of services for supporting pregnant and parenting teenagers developed through the Sure Start Plus pilot programme.

Job descriptions for teenage pregnancy midwives

Anon area Strategic TP midwife job description
Brighton TP midwife job description
Buckinghamshire TP liaison midwife job description
Gloucestershire TP liaison midwife job description


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