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Supporting your sick or premature baby - the Small Wonders DVD

There are things that only you can do, as the parent of a sick or premature baby, which can help give your baby the best possible start in life.  Whether you have been told that you are likely to have a baby prematurely or have just had a premature or sick baby, Best Beginning's Small Wonders DVD is designed to be a source of information, support and empowerment at this difficult time.

The DVD follows 14 families on their journey across the neonatal unit and should be available free of charge through your neonatal unit if you are the parent of a sick or premature baby. Alternatively if you are the friend or a relative of someone who has just had a sick or premature baby, you may watch the DVD online or purchase it from Best Beginning's online shop.

The Small Wonders DVD is split into 12 short films, each lasting no longing than 20 minutes and covering specific areas of help and support:

  1. Introduction to Small Wonders and the neonatal unit
  2. Birth and your baby’s transfer into a neonatal unit
  3. The early hours and days in a neonatal unit
  4. Expressing, breast milk and nutrition
  5. Holding your baby
  6. Your time in hospital
  7. Transition to independent feeding
  8. Preparing for home
  9. First months at home
  10. Twins and triplets
  11. Coping with bereavement
  12. One year on – reflections from our families



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