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working to give every baby in the UK the healthiest start in life

Hold a fundraising event

Best Beginnings' fundraisers play a vital role in improving the health of babies in the UK. So whether you're from Solihull or Stirling, Cardiff or Cambridge, you'll be changing the lives of young children across the nation.

FACT: A baby born in Wolverhampton is six times more likely to die before the age of one than a baby born in Bath.

Here are some simple actions you can take to help our vital work.

Baby showerIt's something of a new thing for us Brits, but how about holding a baby shower? All the guests can give a little to Best Beginnings, so you know you're not just helping your little one, but all babies in the UK.

Your “birth day”The next time you are planning a birthday celebration, ask your guests to give a small donation to Best Beginnings. Then your “birth day” can become a day you celebrate not just your own birth but help support all babies born in the UK.

And why stop there? Any celebration can be a good time to give to Best Beginnings. Weddings, parties

Coffee and tea for me!How about organising a tea and coffee morning to raise funds for Best Beginnings? And if you are working you could treat the office to an elevenses with style!

Spice up your lifeOrganise a curry evening for you and your friends. Just £5 each for food and wine. Or if you're a wannabe Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver, charge more!

If curry’s not your thing the foodie possibilities are endless. Just hold a dinner party, with all proceeds going towards Best Beginnings, of course.

Volunteer fundraising committeeWhy not put on a Best Beginnings ball in your local area, with the support of like-minded families?

Resources to support your fundraisingWe can supply balloons, posters for your event, stickers, collection tins, sponsorship forms and leaflets about Best Beginnings and our work.

Email our fundraising team or call us on 020 7443 7895.


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