“This app has literally been a life saver! I know you can find everything on google these days but it can't be trusted! So this app gives me everything I need to know with out googling it. It also thinks about the mum not just the baby as most apps are all about baby and not mother and it reminds me it is ok to take time for myself away from Thomas (my little boy) also it is amazing As it accommodates age. I am 16 years old and I don't feel Patronised or feel like what I have done is wrong. The app has really made me feel that age does not matter and I really will recommend it to others!” -new mum and Baby Buddy app user

Best Beginnings free and advert-free pregnancy and parenting app, Baby Buddy, helps and supports parents across the country:to engage, equip, educate and empower families to take care of their own physical and mental health and by that maximising their children's life chances and giving their babies the best start in life.

Baby Buddy is the only app with a literacy entry level age 11 and therefore completely medical jargon free; that is endorsed by key health organisations in the UK; that is embedded in maternity care pathways across 27 localities and counting; that is underpinned by behaviour change theory and neuroscience; that is designed to improve health and well-being outcomes in line with local and national strategic priorities.

Just £16 covers the cost of delivering Baby Buddy app to a one family for a year for free and ad-free. If you enjoyed using Baby Buddy and/or you like and support our work and vision, why not pay it forward and ensure another family can count on that same support during their life-changing journey?