Best Beginnings was chosen to be part of the #‎HeadsTogether‬ campaign because of the support and information we offer through our projects and resources, including our free Baby Buddy app created to support women to keep mentally and physically healthy during pregnancy and beyond.

Seven out of 10 women will hide or underplay the severity of their perinatal mental health illness and so they will not receive the help and support they need. This can have devastating consequences. Tragically, suicide is the leading cause of death during pregnancy and the year after birth.

Two in 10 women will develop a mental health illness during pregnancy and the year after birth. Yet, not all of these women will receive the support they require.

We are working to change this by influencing policy, working with and training healthcare professionals and community champions, providing free resources to parents including Baby Buddy, raising awareness and funds and ending the stigma.  You can find out more about our maternal mental health work and resources.

Best Beginnings has filmed parents and professional sharing their experiences in more than 300 short videos about how to stay mentally and physically healthy, what to expect, when to be concerned and what to do, which are available in our award-winning free Baby Buddy app. Baby buddy is encouraging thousands of families across the country to talk about how they feel and the Duchess of Cambridge is helping to spread the word.