We invite you to join our SpringBoard regular donor programme and enable Best Beginnings to equip many more parents across the UK with the knowledge and confidence they need to give their children the best start in life.

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Best Beginnings works to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities by empowering parents to build a strong foundation for their children and maximise their life chances.  

Since 2007 the charity has supported parents from preconception through the early years, embracing this “critical window of opportunity” where the foundations for a happy and healthy life are made. We create practical and effective interventions for parents of all backgrounds, making sure our resources are particularly engaging and relevant for parents whose children are at highest risk of poor outcomes.

Even with our sophisticated health system, the UK has shocking socio-economic and ethnicity related inequalities. It is unacceptable that in 2020:

  • Black British woman are five times more likely to die in pregnancy than a White British woman
  • Babies born in Bradford are four times more likely to die before their first birthday than in a baby born in Bath
  • Black British babies are more than twice as likely to be stillborn than White British babies
  • Babies in Blackpool are 13 times more likely to be born to a mother who smokes than babies born in Westminster
  • Six-week old babies in Wandsworth are four times more likely to be breastfed than babies born in Knowsley
  • By age three there is a 17-month income-related language gap
  • A five-year old in Barking & Dagenham is three times more likely to be overweight than in Richmond

By supporting parents to look after themselves and maximise their children’s development we can break multi-generational cycles of disadvantage.

Jump on board

Since registering as a charity in 2007 Best Beginnings has:

  • Supported more than 3 million parents and training more than 1,000 front-line workers
  • Developed Baby Buddy, our NHS approved multi-award-winning and evidence-based pregnancy and parenting app which has been used by more than 250,000 people within the UK
  • Shared had the charity’s work independently evaluated and found to have impact. For example researchers have found that Baby Buddy users have higher breastfeeding rates and increase their self-care.
  • Established the charity as a thought-leader and trailblazer, bridging co-creation, asset-based-community-development with interactive technology and the power of film.

Due to our evidence of impact and high profile collaborative partnerships we have the potential to jump to the next level and support millions of families in the UK and globally. With your help we can achieve this.

Your donation will help us:

  • Continue to co-create practical, simple, educational and interactive tools to support parents-to-be and new parents.
  • Raise awareness of our resources, and also of the things that can affect new mums, dads, bumps and babies.
  • Influence change by engaging with government, authorities and society.
  • Train healthcare and community professionals to effectively use our resources in their work.

SpringBoard Programme Details

Step up to the SpringBoard and make a real difference to the lives of children and families across the UK. In committing to a regular donation, you are allowing Best Beginnings to make plans for even more positive change. We welcome Friend, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Stellar members. 

Download our Springboard Booklet to find out more. 

If you are interested in becoming a SpringBoard member, please email our CEO and Founder, Alison Baum [email protected]