Best Beginnings and Bliss, the special care baby charity, are delighted to have collaborated to produce Kangaroo Care Stickers packs which will be available for free across UK neonatal units and just in time for the second anniversary of the International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day on May 15.


Kangaroo Care is encouraged in neonatal units to help parents bond with their babies. It is where the baby is placed on its parent’s chest and allows parents to have skin to skin contact with their child removing the barriers of an incubator. Extended periods of Kangaroo Care are known to be beneficial for the baby’s growth and development. The practice contributes to family-centred care which puts the physical, psychological and social needs of both baby and their family at the heart of all care given and is associated with positive outcomes.


The pack which is made up of Kangaroo Care stickers, a guide and a record sheet will be used by neonatal staff to work with parents of premature or sick babies to increase the amount of Kangaroo Care given. The stickers are an effective visual aid that helps raise awareness of Kangaroo Care and provides parents with a prompt to ask for the opportunity to spend time ‘skin-to-skin’ with their baby.

The stickers idea originated with neonatal nurse Claire Campbell at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle, Claire was using the Bliss Baby Charter Standards (which promote family-centred care) and recognised the need to increase parents’ involvement in their baby’s care.

Kangaroo care sticker

Neonatal nurse Claire says: “Parents on the unit didn’t feel they were giving as much kangaroo care to their babies as they would like. I worked with parents to create the concept of a sticker chart that could be included in the baby’s notes. Myself and colleagues have found it a very helpful way to encourage nurses and families to work together to ensure babies receive more skin-to-skin contact with their parents.”


Jane Abbott, Head of Programmes at Bliss says: “The launch of these packs couldn’t be more timely with Kangaroo Care Awareness Day around the corner. The Kangaroo Care Stickers pack forms part of Bliss and Best Beginnings commitment to work collaboratively to support family-centred care across the UK”


The new stickers compliment and reinforce the key messages in the ‘Holding your baby’ film on Best Beginnings Small Wonders DVD and the BLISS Skin-to-skin booklet. Together these resources support cultural shift on neonatal units so more parents can be enabled to have extended Kangaroo care with their baby and more babies can benefit from reduced hospital stay and improved outcomes. We are delighted to be working collaboratively to help make ‘Best Practice common practice’!

The Kangaroo Care Stickers packs are free of charge to all UK neonatal units and can be ordered from Bliss by either calling 0500 618140 or emailing [email protected]