Best Beginnings is pleased to announce that the Bump Booth and Baby Booth feature is live in the AXA PPP award-winning Baby Buddy app for Android and iOS users.

Baby Booth feature on Baby Buddy Android app

The app reminds you to take a photo of your bump or baby for each week and gives you a guide to help take the photos so that they all match up. When you have five photos, you can turn them into a video to share with friends and family or keep for yourself.

As your baby or bump continues to grow, you can keep adding images and creating longer and longer videos. It doesn’t matter if you forget to take a photo or two, but the more you have, the better the video will be!

AXA PPP category winnerIf you’ve been using the Bump Booth, when you give birth and move to the postnatal part of Baby Buddy, the app will send you an email with your finished pregnancy video and you’ll get to create a new video of your baby in Baby Booth. When your baby is six months old this video will be emailed to you as well.

The Baby Buddy app is free to download for iOS and Android.

If you already have the app installed the update should download to your phone automatically. If this has not happened, you can manually update through the Play Store app (for Android) – just search for Baby Buddy and on the app page there will be a green button to the right of the screen that you can press to update. You can update iOS apps by opening the App Store and tapping on the “Updates” button on the bottom right of the screen.

If you have any comments or feedback on Baby buddy, please do get in touch on We would love to hear what you think.

Find out more about using Baby Buddy as professional in day to day practice here.

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