Informed choice and respect for the parent-child relationship are key interlinked values that underpin Best Beginnings in all the charity does.

When the "Trust Your Way” campaign launched in March 2017, Best Beginnings supported, in principle, its central message that there is no such thing as the “perfect mother” and that “there is more than one right way of doing things” based on informed choice.  Best Beginnings has campaigned nationally to ensure the legal right to breastfeed in public without fear of judgment and is pleased that this right became enshrined in law in the Equalities Act 2010.  Additionally, due to research around infant mental health, Best Beginnings promotes parenting that recognises the importance of responding to a baby's cues and needs.

Best Beginnings has an ongoing, constructive dialogue with Baby Dove to ensure they understand the charity’s position and approach.  We shared our concerns and the feedback from our supporters with Baby Dove who have taken on board our feedback and have also shared with us their most recent media statement.  

Best Beginnings continually evaluates the impact of our work and our partnerships.  We will back campaigns that conform to WHO and UNICEF public health guidelines. Only the best will do for the chance to create healthy outcomes.

The Baby Dove statement is pictured below: