In 2014, Best Beginnings received Department of Health (DH) Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Funds to embed some of their parenting resources within three UK regions (North East, North West, and Yorkshire and the Humber), and to undertake an in-depth evaluation of the embedding process on key parent-infant outcomes.

In collaboration with Maternal and Infant Nutrition & Nurture Unit (MAINN) at University of Central Lancashire the evaluation was made and the primary objective was to determine the impact of the embedding and usage of Best Beginnings’ resources on breastfeeding rates. More specifically, the researchers wanted to know the Health professionals’ views on the impact of the resources, what impact the resources had made on mothers’ infant feeding attitudes, breastfeeding self-efficacy, parenting confidence and mother-infant relationships and who was involved in the embedding process, how the resources were embedded into practice, and what facilitated the embedding process.

To learn more about key findings and impact of the evaluation, click here for the Evaluation Summary report and here for the Evaluation Full Draft report.

This evaluation reveals the consequence of embedding Best Beginnings resources and that health professionals acknowledge being empowered to support women with pregnancy and care of their infants. This in turn resulted in significant improvements in mother-infant bonding, as well as increased parental knowledge and confidence in caring for their infants.