For many people, a barrier to seeking help when they need it is the lack of awareness of who to contact, who they will be speaking to and the fear of what will happen next. This visit was an opportunity to dispel some of the myths surrounding helplines by profiling the kind of people who will be at the end of the line as well as the types of questions and responses people can expect if they call.

Trained voluneteers who may be parents themselves, who at one time or another faced challenges and sought support, offer a listening ear and sound advice.

The message taken away from the visit is to encourage parents not to be afraid to talk to someone - it can make the world of difference to all concerned.

Best Beginnings encourages, informs and empowers parents. With knowledge, one can develop the confidence to know when to reach for help and who to talk to from conception to beyond birth. By seeking support for themselves when needed, parents are ultimately helping their children. Mums and Dads alike may need support at any time.

We are delighed to share a platfrom with our partner charities who support parents at a later stage of the journey through parenthood.

As a YoungMinds volunteer, Bridget Parker said, "When you are in a crisis, you are panicking. As a parent, I feel it's like when the oxygen masks drop down on an aeroplane and we are told to grab the mask to take care of ourselves first so that we are able to take care of our children".

Building resilience and confidence in our children so that they feel able to overcome life's challenges without suffering enormous setbacks, requires supported, informed parenting and the confidence to ask for help at any time.

The journey to parenthood begins from the first day of conception so the sooner you download your Baby Buddy app to guide you on your journey, the better, but you can download Baby Buddy at any time during your pregnancy or even once your baby is born. Parents and professionals share their experiences and signpost support across a range of topics in more than 200 videos in the app. There are loads of fun and helpful features too. If you don't have an smartphone, you can access Baby Buddy online.

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