Small Wonders DVD

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More than one in ten babies in the UK is born prematurely or sick, leaving many parents left feeling isolated and helpless.

Small Wonders is driving change to ensure that every parent has the support they need to be at the heart of their baby’s care. Small Wonders aims to help establish excellence in family-centred care as the norm in UK neonatal and special care baby units.

Small Wonders features 12 self-contained films totalling 209 minutes. The 12 films cover the following topics:

1. Introduction
2. Birth
3. First hours
4. Expressing breast milk
5. Holding your baby
6. Your time in hospital
7. Feeding independently
8. Preparing for home
9. First months at home
10. Twins and triplets
11. Bereavement
12. One year on

Please note this DVD is available in PAL only (not NTSC). If you are based in the USA, you will need a multi-region player to play this DVD.