How Baby Buddy can support parents

Baby Buddy has literally been a life saver! I know you can find everything on Google these days but it can't be trusted! So this app gives me everything I need to know, without Googling it’

- New mum and Baby Buddy app user

Developed by Best Beginnings and approved by the NHS, Baby Buddy is with parents throughout their pregnancy and parenting journey, day by day, until their child’s first birthday. 

Baby Buddy empowers mums, dads, co-parents or caregivers to feel confident, giving them, through a personalised journey, the knowledge and practical skills to look after themselves and give their child the best start in life. 

Endorsed by key health professionals in the UK, just £17 covers the cost of delivering the Baby Buddy app to one family for a year – for free, and ad-free. If you’ve loved using Baby Buddy, why not pay it forward, and help another family to count on its support?

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