Child health inequalities in the UK

Did you know - a baby born in Bradford compared with a baby born in Bath is:

  • 4 times more likely to die in infancy?
  • More likely to be admitted into hospital?
  • More likely to develop diabetes and obesity?

Best Beginnings is a national charity that is dedicated to closing this gap for children across the UK.  Evidence shows us that confident and informed parenting an help children's physical, emotional and language development.  It also shows that confidence and knowledge is more significant than parent income or background in supporting their child's development.

How can your donation help?

With your support, Best Beginnings can continue:

  • Work with local health care professionals and communities to help enhance local care pathways and support parents-to-be and young families through our Embedding Programme.
  • Develop resources and tools that aim to empower parents with knowledge and information.  This includes pioneering films and our free, multi-award winning app, Baby Buddy, which provides reliable, evidence-based information that supports the health and wellbeing of parents, as well as maximising the physical, emotional and language development of their child.

An independent report has shown that every £1 spent on early intervention for children and families can deliver £10 of savings. So even just a little can make a big impact.

Thank you,

From the Best Beginnings Family

Last year we spent 90p per £1 donated on charitable activity.

(The other 10p helps us keep the lights on!)

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