Chizubel Egwudo, CEO and Director of The Risk of You, and Alison Baum, CEO and Founder of Best Beginnings, both believe in the #PowerOfCollaboration driving impact and change. Chizubel wanted to work with a charity with long-term strategy and evidence-based results and was further convinced when shown information, data and results achieved, that he wanted to support Best Beginnings charity.

Best Beginnings is a national charity dedicated to giving all children in the UK the best start in life to tackle social inequality. Evidence shows the informed and confident parenting from conception, trumps income or background when it comes to a child's physical, emotional and language development and life chances.
Therefore Best Beginnings develops and distributes free evidence-based educational resources to empower pregnant and new parents with the knowledge and confidence they need to look after their own and their children's well being. 
The charity's flagship portal is their free, multi-award winning app, Baby Buddy. Baby Buddy is a virtual, interactive best friend who gives personalised daily information, signposts support and offers interactive tools so that parents feel supported and build their knowledge and confidence every step of the way. Baby Buddy is embedded in communities through training and used by professional practitioners to enhance their relationships with the families they look after.
Best Beginnings' partnership with 1723 Risk Advisory is aiming high. We wish to raise £10,000 donations by September 2019 to train community leaders in Milton Keynes in how to use the baby buddy app and resources to further support their communities. 

"I heard Alison Baum speak at the book launch of MBE Eunice Olumide about the work their charity does and I was convinced this will be the charity of choice for The Risk of You. My decision to support a charity is my way of giving back to the community and by extension humanity in my own little way. They help low income families across the U.K. to deal with child health issues before and after birth, given them a better chance at life, addressing issues like mental, physical and emotional health.There is more work to be done to reduce infant mortality rate, avoidable ethnic and socio-economic factors which contribute to making child health a postcode lottery in the U.K."

-Chizubel Egwudo

Chizubel and The Risk of You invites you to support Best Beginnings with your donations, targeting to raise £3000 to support the work of Best Beginnings.

"This will be an achievement for all of us because we are all giving back to our community. ‘When we open our hands to give, we also open our hands at the same time to receive’. We look forward to a long lasting working relationship with the charity to continue to support families in our community."

-Chizubel Egwudo