Baby Buddy: Advice at Your Fingertips

Eileen Hayes
Parenting consultant, writer & broadcaster. 

Eileen joined us for the Baby Buddy Stakeholder Day 

One way and another I have been involved professionally with families and parenting for over 20 years. I did my own MSc at Kings on Ante-Natal Support and Education. I worked with the NSPCC as a Parenting Advisor for many years. And, amongst parenting support activities which are too many to mention here, I’ve also written several books in this area.

I am a mum of four, two boys and two girls, now all grown up, and grandmother to two baby girls, both four months old, and a three-year-old boy.

Helping parents understand their babies better, and giving them quality information has been a passion of mine for my whole working life, which is why I have done it so widely. 

I was delighted to become a Trustee of Best Beginnings as I share their philosophy concerning giving every parent and baby the best chance. I also totally support using media methods to do this, as Best Beginnings have done.

The Baby Buddy app is the latest example of finding a mechanism to reach new young parents in an exciting, engaging way. Very few young parents with babies are far from their smart phones these days and it makes sense to deliver key messages to them in this way.

Baby Buddy uses a unique approach with the avatars, which I think will really be enjoyable for young parents. I also think the short films will be a wonderful way of teaching so many useful messages, but will at the same time be interesting and lively to watch.  

In pregnancy, women mainly worrying about how they will cope looking after a new baby. They also have fears about the labour and pain-relief. New mothers are inevitably anxious, until they get used to all the tasks and routines involved with looking after a newborn.

A major worry for everyone is lack of sleep, and how you are going to cope with that. There is no easy answer– in the early weeks it is just about muddling through!   

Because those early days are so full -on that, it is hard to find time to get dressed or carry out simple functions like brushing your teeth! But once new mothers get into using Baby Buddy I really do think they will enjoy it.

Without a doubt, Baby Buddy will be an innovative new way of getting advice and information to these mums. Sometimes they are reluctant to ask a health professional.  Sometimes they just can’t access one, for example in the middle of the night. It will be comforting for them to be able to seek answers right there on their phones.

Like all the products Best Beginnings has produced, the Baby Buddy content will be of the highest possible quality. Best Beginnings have such rigorous protocols, with a wide variety of professionals and parents monitoring all of the content.

In the modern world, almost every new mum and dad will have a smart phone with them at all times. It will be much easier to access information and advice on the Baby Buddy app than by any other method – it will literally be there at your fingertips.