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Tell us about great local places for new parents

Bump Around and Baby Around is designed to help you fnd services nearby by searching on a map either of their current location (as determined by your phone’s GPS) or of a postcode that you have searched for.

If you are looking for somewhere in particular you can narrow your search down by category of place. 

Best Beginnings is excited to offer the opportunity to feature places from your local area in the Baby Buddy app - please contact [email protected] for more details. 

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Best Beginnings' CEO Alison Baum has a special message about how parents and healthcare professionals can play a key role in this projects and make a difference to babies' lives in the UK. 

Resources for professionals

Best Beginnings is pleased to be able to offer resources for professionals using Baby Buddy in their day-to-day practice, including free posters and leaflets and the opportunity to promote local services in the Bump Around and Baby Around feature. We also offer a commissionable embedding service, which trains professionals from different disciplines on how to get the most out of Baby Buddy.

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