Baby Buddy is our free app for young mums and mums-to-be that has been created with input from midwives, doctors, health visitors, breastfeeding specialists, speech and language therapists, psychologists, voluntary sector workers and teenage pregnancy specialists. The app is available for Android and iOS phones and tablets and was launched in November 2014


Response to Baby Buddy

Baby Buddy has achieved over 55,000 downloads with around 1000 people downloading the app each week.

Early insights show that a higher proportion of Baby Buddy users are under 25 and are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET 23%), which is in line with the project’s aim of supporting traditionally difficult to reach parents who are more likely to experience poorer health outcomes.

Pilot evaluation

Best Beginnings commissioned a pilot evaluation to analyse usage of the Baby Buddy app in the six months after the formal Baby Buddy launch (19 November 2014 to 19 May 2015). The study focussed on Lambeth and Southwark and Blackpool and was co-funded by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity, Blackpool and the RCM.

The pilot evaluation report covers app downloads and registrations, who is using the app, usage by region and authority, user occupations, ethnicity, languages, occupations, NEET usage, and parent feedback.

Download the Baby Buddy pilot evaluation report here.

“It was really informative and exciting to see the potential this app has for improving health and emotional outcomes for pregnant women/new mums and babies.” - Insight Specialist, Public Health Early Intervention Directorate


Substantive evaluation

A more in-depth study involving academic from the University of the West of England, Coventry University, Newcastle University and the University of Hertfordshire is currently underway and will run until spring 2017.

Using a longitudinal framework, this evaluation will explore the impact of the Baby Buddy app on maternal self-efficacy, parenting competence and wellbeing. It will also focus on understanding when, why and how mothers use the app and any benefits the app may offer them in relation to their parenting, health, relationships or communication with their child, friends and family members or health professionals.

The study will use quantitative and qualitative method of analysis and will take place in three areas where Baby Buddy had been embedded into service provision.

Baby Buddy in your area

We have evidence that our resources are having more impact when they are embedded in local care pathways.

If you would like to discuss embedding Baby Buddy in your area please visit the Commissioning and Resources page.


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