If you would like to join the Parent Panel you can start by registering here. Please take a moment to read The Best Beginnings' Parent Panel Code of Practice.

If you would like to know more about the Parent Panel before joining, you can email [email protected] or call us on 020 7443 7895.

How do we make our resources?

During pregnancy and the early years, families are given a lot of information. They can also search online and hear thousands of opinions and conflicting information in a matter of seconds. 

At Best Beginnings we believe in the power of collaboration. All of our films and resources are co-created by parents and healthcare professionals and vetted by external Healthcare bodies and parents.

The Parent Panel

Getting the information right is important. How we phrase that information so that families find it useful, accessible and interesting is equally as important. This is where the Parent Panel comes in.

The Parent Panel help us to shape the 'voice' of our resources, particularly Baby Buddy. The films and resources are evaluated by the Parent Panel before they are made public. This feedback is crucial and we adjust the resources accordingly.

The Parent Panel is made up of parents from across the UK who want to volunteer their time and knowledge to support the work of Best Beginnings. When we produce new films we circulate these to the Parent Panel who watch them, usually at home but sometimes we host mini-screenings and events. 

We understand that Parents are busy people and so whilst we ask for commitment to the Parent Panel but we don't require every parent to watch every film.

The Editorial Board

Before we release them they are then approved by our Editorial Board, made up of representatives from the Department of Health, The Royal College of Midwifery, The Institute of Health Visiting and many more organistations. The role of the Editorial Board is to shape the content. All representatives must agree on the medical and health information. This often means multiple edits/rewrites and sometimes content is dismissed entirely. Coming to a complete consensus can be a long and difficult process but this is how we ensure that all of our information can be trusted.

Other ways to support Best Beginnings 

There are lots of ways to get involved in the work of Best Beginnings as part of the Parent Panel. We'd love your input, opinions and support in helping us reach even more parents. You can choose to help out anonymously, or you can choose to put your name and face to the work! 

  • you and your experiences could be featured in the films we make for Baby Buddy (and other campaigns we're involved in)
  • you could support activity through your Facebook, Best Beginnings Twitter , Baby Buddy Twitter and Instagram
  • you could take part in public relations activities like speaking to the media or at events.