Hi I’m Emilie-Mai and I used Baby Buddy when I had my youngest daughter Mia. Since then I have been filmed about my experiences for some of the videos in Baby Buddy and I now look after the Baby Buddy Parent Panel.

Many women (like me) would rather hear information about their pregnancies and babies in the form of short videos - from women like us and from experts - rather than just read about it.

Not all pregnant women are using Baby Buddy (yet!) and we want to support parents of all backgrounds and all ages across the country to have access to this information so they can get the support they need to help them and their baby.

What does the Parent Panel do?

There are lots of ways to get involved in the work of Best Beginnings as part of the Parent Panel. We'd love your input, opinions and support in helping us reach even more parents. You can choose to help out anonymously, or you can choose to put your name and face to the work! 

  • you and your experiences could be featured in the films we make for Baby Buddy (and other campaigns we're involved in)
  • you could review films used in national campaigns and in Baby Buddy
  • you could support activity through your social media accounts
  • you could take part in public relations activities like speaking to the media or at events.

How you can join the Parent Panel

If you would like to join the Parent Panel please email me: parentpanel@bestbeginnings.org.uk telling me your age, phone number and a bit about you. I’ll then give you a call and explain more about the panel and how to join it – it is quick and easy!

I’m loving being part of the Best Beginnings family. The charity really cares what parents think and are working so hard to help us and our babies. 

As Alison, the CEO and founder of Best Beginnings, always says: “Together we can make a difference for future generations”.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and it would be brilliant if you would like to join the Best Beginnings family as part of the Parent Panel!

Very best wishes