Elizabeth Bayliss, Head of Operations

Elizabeth is the Head of Operations at Best Beginnings. She works with commissioner to establish Baby Buddy Training in your area. 

Elizabeth has worked in the health and charity sectors for many years; from working with homeless women in the 1970s, through setting up a housing association, joint planning in the NHS, managing of the Community Psychiatry Research Unit in the NHS, to building a community development agency called Social Action for Health, Elizabeth has a wealth of experience and knowledge to guide the Baby Buddy Healthcare Professional and Community Champions Programme. 

Fiona Dry, North of England Regional Facilitator

Fiona is the North of England Regional Facilitator. Before joining the Best Beginnings team she worked as an Infant Feeding Coordinator for the Acute Midwifery services in County Durham and Darlington.

Fiona has worked as a Midwife in Hospital and Community settings and also worked as a Sure Start Midwife for nine years embedding Services in County Durham.

Tercia Santos, Project Coordinator

Tercia is the Project Coordinator for Blackpool, East Sussex, Leeds South and East, Luton, Solent, Health Education England, Hillingdon and Warrington.

Tercia was born and raised in Brazil where she worked with vulnerable families in a big variety of projects; from building emergency houses to early childhood development. She worked in one of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in Sao Paulo with families, health professionals and teachers in order to ensure better opportunities for children in the area. 

In the UK she has worked with the Latin American community, especially women and children fleeing domestic violence. She has a master degree in Social Development and is passionate about engaging and supporting communities to achieve positive change.

Matthew Black, Project Coordinator

Matthew is the Project Coordinator for County Durham and Darlington, Hounslow, Norwich, Newcastle, Newham, West Sussex.

Born and raised in Bermuda, Matthew went on to study French and Spanish at Durham University. His languages have taken him all over South America, where he worked at a community radio station and volunteered for a fundraising cooperative in Buenos Aires that connects local charities with international funding bodies. Following graduation, Matthew dipped his toes into the world of financial audit before finding his way to Best Beginnings where he has had the opportunity to work on a diverse set of projects and effect the positive change that drives him.