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We undertake 'embedding work' with local authority areas, CCGS, Trusts and other agencies to support their effective use and understanding of our resources.

We are currently working in 22 areas across the UK, including our two newest sites funded by Comic Relief.

Best Beginnings is a member of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service, which is the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies. See certification here.

Our Content & Co-creation workshop for health care professionals is CPD certified! Health Care Professionals taking part in the workshop are eligible for 4 hours of CPD credits. See certification here.

What is 'embedding'?

Best Beginnings offers a fully bespoke embedding service in which we work with local areas to uncover their specific needs and then co-create and deliver a plan to incorporate our resources into the standard care that families receive. To find out how Best Beginnings can work with you in your area please download the Best Beginnings embedding leaflet.

We work collaboratively and in an integrated way across all relevant agencies and organisations to bring about change in practice and equality of access. We work together to give parents the knowledge, confidence and information to maximise their child’s physical, emotional, language and brain development.

We also support the professional development of staff working with parents and parents to be giving them the knowledge confidence and information that can enhance their interaction and work with families.

All Best Beginnings resources are designed and developed in partnership with professionals and parents to ensure they are relevant, current and easy to understand and use and are jargon free. They are also designed to interface and complement each other so they can be either used as a modular suite of resources or used individually and independently from each other.

We take a 'proportionate universalism' approach creating resources that are useful for everyone but making sure they are particularly engaging and relevant for those parent we know need additional support.

What can the embedding service include?

Embedding can include a wide range of different services. Previously embedded areas have opted for some or all of the following:

  • using the appreciative enquiry method, working with integrated teams to co-create a bespoke training and dissemination plan
  • training days for designated Best Beginnings Resource Leaders
  • comprehensive written guides to help professionals use the reources in practice
  • local resource launches and social media empowerment days
  • project management throughout the embedding period.

What does embedding achieve?

Our interventions, products and services are free at point of delivery to the service user to ensure that equality of access is never a barrier to achieving outcome through their use.

All our resources are created and formally evaluated by academics, professional experts and service users to ensure they have validity, credibility and are addressing the needs of real people in real-life circumstances.

We have tried and tested processes of supporting localities to embed these resources into service delivery.  Our resources can help Health and Wellbeing boards to improve and integrate health and care services and deliver against shared priorities. Embedding our resources can have a positive impact on:
- infant mortality
- neonatal outcomes
- maternal smoking
- materity and patient experience
- maternal mental health
- early antenatal booking
- breastfeeding initiation and prevalence 

Insights from evaluation have shown that areas which actively embed Best Beginnings resources with commissioned support have observed higher rates of engagement.  Our Evidence, Impact and Evaluation pages outline the need for and impact of each of our current resources.

Embedding Best Beginnings resources in your area

To find out how Best Beginnings can work with you in your area please download the Best Beginnings embedding leaflet.

For more information or questions please email [email protected]

The Baby Buddy app and using it in service delivery:

Case Study - Blackpool

Blackpool is an area of deprivation, adversely affected by health inequalities. The locality as a whole has high rates of teenage pregnancy, smoking in pregnancy and low breastfeeding rates. Best Beginnings began working intensively in this area in 2013, to embed the Baby Buddy app into service delivery. Currently, Blackpool has the highest number of registered Baby Buddy users in the country. In-app analytics have shown that:

  • over 85% of users felt the app was helping them get more out of their health professional appointments.
  • for antenatal under-25 mum users, all who responded to the feedback found the app helped them learn more about their pregnancy, with 50% stating it was helping "very much so"
  • under-25 mum users also reported feeling especially more confident about their pregnancy, and felt more prepared for their arrival of their baby, having used the app, compared to other user groups
  • 94% postnatal under-25 mums felt the app was helping them get more out of their health professional appointments

The evaluation of this public health intervention is currently in its infancy. These analytics are taken from in-app feedback. Further evaluation is currently taking place in two pilot sites in England and a quasi-experimental trial is due to begin in the coming months.