We at Best Beginnings, the charity that brings you the Baby Buddy app, are working collaboratively to provide you with additional emotional support during the pandemic.

Working with Bethel Health & Healing Network, MumsAid and Prosperitys, we have partnered with Barnardo’s on their See, Hear, Respond programme to provide you with some extra support during this difficult time.

In addition to Baby Buddy, we have two ways of helping you - without you needing to leave your front door:

Group support sessions

You can join a small group of other antenatal or postnatal parents - we have separate groups for mums, dads, or other non-birth parents. You'll meet weekly for three or more weeks and together will be supported by two experienced facilitators. The Group support sessions are a friendly supportive online group, connecting you to other parents during the pandemic. Together you'll discuss some of the following topics, depending on the needs of your group:

  • Managing Anxiety and Stress
  • Self Care
  • Preparing for Birth and the role of Birth Partner
  • Responsive feeding
  • Understanding your Baby and Good Sleep Practices
  • COVID-19 advice and other information and helpful resources

One-to-one support

If you are really struggling with anxiety or other difficult circumstances and want one-to-one support, we are providing this too. You'll have a number of sessions with an experienced practitioner customised around your needs. 

To register for one or more of these three types of support, please fill in the form below.