Cathy Berman

Go Nads Gabs, Cathy The Berman-ator and Ellie Cor Blimey Collins are cycling a mahoosive 300km (thats 186 miles folks) to Gay Pareeee on the 22nd September, to raise money for Best Beginnings. NEVER has the prospect of all-in-one lycra and padded gussets felt quite so terrifying.

Nadia is a trustee of this incredible charity, which works tirelessly towards giving every child in the UK the very best start in life. Best Beginnings is a really small charity, which has had a hugely positive impact, to date reaching over 2 million families across the UK.

Focusing on the period between conception and a child's third birthday, where the foundations of a healthy and fulfilling life are laid, Best Beginnings develops simple, practical, educational interactive tools for parents. Supporting this, the charity works tirelessly to embed its resources in local health pathways and trains health professionals to use their tools in their practice while engaging with government, local authorities and society at large to influence positive change.

Best Beginnings has recently been invited to be part of Heads Together, the Royal Foundation's mental healthcare group of charities, so we'll be pedalling away for Harry, Wills and Kate too. Especially Harry.

We're going to be soooo saddle sore, beyond tired, terribly teary and totally tested to our limits. The prospect of lots of bonhomie en route and litres of Parisienne plonk when we arrive makes the idea of the whole escapade slightly more bearable. As does the thought of you giving GENEROUSLY all your hard earned cash to this great cause. We've got £5K to raise so please, please, please, give, give, give.

"Fat bottomed girls they'll be riding today, So look out for those beauties oh yeah, On your marks get set go, and PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY"

Cathy Berman