Hunters Solicitors

Hunters Solicitors have chosen Best Beginnings as our Charity of the Year. Not content with a 10k, Cake Bake and other events - we sent a batch from the Hunters team to conquer the route from Hunters HQ to Paris!

James Vernor-Miles, Gregor Kleinknecht, Daniel Watson, Peter Robinson, Alison Martin, Charles Richardson, George Ocampo, Katie Martin and David Draisey all stepped up to take on the challenge!

Cycling from London to Paris is one big bike ride! This spectacularly long weekend challenge covers 300km in 3 days. They rode to the south coast through the UK's undulating countryside. Then, they set sail (sadly we could not put them on pedalos for true cycling authenticity) to France for two more action-packed days of cycling.

As the experienced the drudge of tired legs, they encountered historic towns, sleepy Normandy villages and rolling countryside en-route. Finally, the route saw them riding along wide boulevards and crossing the Seine to finish at the Eiffel Tower!

Well Done Team!

Hunters Solicitors