Baby Buddy and using it in service delivery:

Baby Buddy is the free app for parents and parents-to-be that covers pregnancy and the first six months of life. It is designed to complement the care that families receive. We encourage all GP's working with pregnant women and new parents to download Baby Buddy from the App Store or Google Play and create and use their own app account. 


What resources are available for professionals?

Best Beginnings is proud to offer a range of services to help professionals use the app effectively in day to day practice. You can: 

You can read about the impact Baby Buddy is having on our evidence, impact and evaluation pages.

How do I use the app as a GP?

If you register in Baby Buddy as a GP, there is currently no difference to how you experience the app. By experiencing Baby Buddy as if you are a parent or parent-to-be, you'll gain deep insight into the app's content and its features and be well placed to:

  • Recommend the app and its content and features to families
  • Use the app effectively during appointments 
  • Give useful feedback and suggest additional content

Best Beginnings actively encourages everyone who works with new and expectant parents to download and use the Baby Buddy app for at least a few weeks.


Why should I register as a GP?

Best Beginnings is looking at patterns in how people use the app to help us understand how it can better serve different users’ needs as we continue to develop it. As parent and professional users interact with Baby Buddy in very different ways, it is really useful for us to be able to separate them out into different groups. The registration process lets us do this.


How do I tell Baby Buddy I’m a GP?

When you first download Baby Buddy, please tap "I'm neither but I want to use the app" on the first screen, then select "Health Professional" and you will find GP at the top of the list.


I work with pregnant women and new mums – can I see antenatal and postnatal content?

Baby Buddy has two distinct “sides”, the “Bump” side, which has content for pregnant women, the “Baby” side for new mums. Whichever side you start off on in the app, it’s easy to switch via the Settings menu and you can do this as many times as you want.


Do I have to go through all the steps to create my Buddy avatar?

If you are short on time, there is a “Quick choose” option that lets you select from a range of pre-made avatars for quick entry into the app. However, more young parents go for the more fun “Create your Buddy” option, and if you've got a few moments you might like to experience Baby Buddy as they do. 

Creating your Buddy is a process of engagement with the app, and is designed to help you feel more invested in Baby Buddy and its content.

Once you've given your Buddy a name you get to register.


What information does the Baby Buddy app need when I register?

To complete registration, you will need to enter:

  • your real email address - without it the system can't reset your password
  • your work postcode - we are capturing where in the country users are as an anonymised dataset and it is important for us to know where professionals using the app are based
  •  your real age - we are really interested in the age distribution of people using the app to support families

What about the other information that’s not applicable to me?

We recommend that you imagine somebody and experience the app as if you were them. It could be you when you were younger and pregnant a family member with a new baby or a friend or a young mother you are currently supporting.  

Using this persona, please enter:

  • Your name - your Buddy will call you by this name
  • Whether or not you are with a partner and if you are with one what their name is – the content will be personalised accordingly
  • When your baby is due (if you've said you are pregnant) or your baby's birthday (if you've said you've had the baby)
  •  If you've had the baby, whether you are breastfeeding – this content also changes accordingly

You may change any details you enter here later via the Settings menu, which you can open by tapping the gear icon on the top right of the main menu page. 

Baby Buddy is endorsed by the Department of Health and: