The Our Chance safer pregnancy campaign, supported by the Department of Health and NHS England and led by Best Beginnings and SANDS was took place from October 2016 and  to January 2017. 

All 25 Our Chance video clips are available in the Baby Buddy app and the  Baby Buddy Web App as follows:
  1. Antenatal visits - what’s the point?
  2. Antenatal visits - what can I do?
  3. Diabetes in pregnancy - what’s my risk?
  4. Is my baby growing?
  5. What should I be eating?
  6. Tips for staying active
  7. Can I drink?
  8. Why I cut out alcohol
  9. Can I smoke? The facts
  10. How I stopped smoking
  11. Taking street drugs - the facts
  12. Immunisations - how to protect me and my baby
  13. How can I avoid infection?
  14. Is my baby moving enough?
  15. When my baby stopped moving - a mum’s story
  16. Vaginal bleeding or discharge - the facts
  17. Itching - what does it mean?
  18. Pre-eclampsia - the facts
  19. New mum? What can go wrong? 
  20. What if my waters break early? 
  21. After my baby is born - what’s good to know 
  22. When a baby dies 
  23. My mental health matters
  24. After my baby is born - the coming weeks and months
  25. What is Our Chance Abbey Clancy introduces the campaign

For a selection of some of the most popular Our Chance video clips you can also see the Our Chance You Tube Channel.