Our embedding program

We undertake 'embedding and training' work with local authority areas, CCGS, Trusts and other agencies to support the effective use of our resources to support families of young children. Read here about the process of embedding our digital intervention tool, Baby Buddy, into local care pathways. Read more

Bespoke services and workshops

The process of 'embedding' Baby Buddy resources involves training professional and community champions to support and reach parents of all backgrounds. Read more about the different training workshops we provide. Read more

Bespoke app feature development

Best Beginnings provides innovation through partnership by co-creating and developing bespoke features in Baby Buddy app that are designed to address a local area's needs and in turn are only unlocked and visible to Baby Buddy users in a specific postcode. Read more


Our embedding and training program has received great feedback and analysis has shown us that our process of 'embedding' has more impact in the local area. Read some of the feedback we've received here. Read more

Are you interested? Contact us!

Are you interested in our bespoke offers we provide to address strategic health priorities in your local care pathway? Learn more here. Read more

Embedded areas in the UK

We have evidence that our process of 'embedding' involving training professional and community champions to use our tools successfully reaches parents of all backgrounds and therefore has more impact. See here all the areas that have embedded Baby Buddy app in their business-as-usual practice with parents and soon-to-be parents. Read more