Best Beginnings is committed to supporting our Small Wonders Champions to be 'catalysts for change' in their hospitals. To this end we have created a series of resources to support you to effectively embed the Small Wonders DVD within your hospital. What follows below are links to each of these resources with a brief description of each one. Only you will know which resources will be most useful in your hospital, so please look through all of the resources below and discuss them with your Clinical Lead and 'Small Wonders Change Team'.

You can become a Small Wonders Champion and order your units DVDs by completing the 'Champions Planning Form' which is available to download here.

List of Resources for Champions

The Feeding Checklist

We are delighted to share the Neonatal Unit Feeding checklist with all Small Wonders Champions for adaptation in your unit. This checklist has been developed by the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Division of Neonatology as a tool used to promote lactation and breastfeeding for babies and mothers on the neonatal unit.

The checklist was originally developed in 2004 and has since been extensively reviewed updated several times by the neonatal multidisciplinary team at Imperial. It has been presented internationally and also amended for use by the East of England network and Leeds Children’s Hospital.  An article outlining the development of the checklist and its evidence base is being finalised and it is hoped it will be published this year which we share when it becomes available.

Best Beginnings and colleagues at Imperial welcome adaption of the checklist to meet local service needs in respect to current practices and available resources but ask for the accreditation of the original source to remain i.e. “Adapted from an original checklist developed by the Multidisciplinary Team at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Neonatal Units London”.

You will see we have left space to insert for your organisations logo. We would love to see your adapted checklist and hear feedback on how it been implemented in your unit. Email Vicky, the Small Wonders National Facilitator at [email protected]

Small Wonders Information & FAQs sheet for staff in your hospital

An information sheet for you to give to staff to provide background information which will help them embed Small Wonders. Again, this is designed to be "tweaked" by you so it captures what you are planning in your hospital. As with almost all the resources, please feel free to add your hospital logo too, if you feel this will help.

Top Tips for Champions on embedding the DVD on your Unit

This document combines tips and ideas from our three intensive intervention sites and our network of Champions to help you get started on embedding the Small Wonders DVD effectively on your unit.

Appreciative Inquiry Form

This form was developed by our lead nurses at St Thomas', King's College and Liverpool as part of the Small Wonders Change Programme they are delivering. When they give the DVD to staff in their neonatal units during this "pre-launch" period they are also giving them the "Appreciative Inquiry Form" to ask for structured feedback about the most effective way of giving the DVD to parents as of June 19th. At the end of May they will collate the ideas from all of the forms and then, with input from their Clinical Lead and other senior staff, "pin-down" the plan for delivery of the DVD for parents. You may or may not decide to take the same approach at your hospital. It will be a big job collating all the feedback, but there is benefit to it. Some of the best Change Management Programmes globally (including one at the BBC) involve an "Appreciative Inquiry" stage. It is the best way to ensure staff buy-in to the process. You simply couldn't do this alone, so, like all the other ideas we've suggested, do discuss this with you Clinical Lead and other senior staff.

Small Wonders Poster

A poster for Champions to use to promote Small Wonders to parents - this is currenly not "tweakable" but if you'd like us to email you a version that is, please email [email protected].

Parent Feedback Poster

A poster for Champions to use to encourage parents to fill out and return the feedback form attached to the DVD booklet.

Small Wonders DVD distribution sheet

A DRAFT of a sheet that can be tweaked by you and then, if you choose, used by staff who distribute the DVD. The thinking behind it is that a version of this could be used to advise parents on which Small Wonders films may be most appropriate for them to view first.

Monitoring Form

This Form is being used in some of our intervention sites to help staff give the DVD out supportively to all parents of premature and sick babies in the hospital and maximise its effective use. The form enables staff to record when a given family has received the DVD and keeps track of which films have been watched. There is also a separate sheet attached to the form for parents to fill out and give their feedback on the DVD.

Small Wonders General Information Sheet

A general information sheet about the Small Wonders project for you to distribute to anyone whom you think would find it useful. It provide basic background on the Small Wonders project and could, for example, be used in association with a funding bid to your hospital's charitable fund to help secure funding for portable DVD players - if you don't yet have this funding in place.

NU CAT  Information Sheet

A general information sheet giving information about NU CAT, the 'Neonatal Unit Clinical Assessment Tool'.  This tool has been developed by Best Beginnings and HBR Ltd as part of the Coventry University evaluation of the Small Wonders Change Programme. It is an online assessment that measures staff knowledge and confidence in the practices of kangaroo care, breastfeeding and breast milk expression.  There is no requirement for units to use NU CAT, but as a result of expressions of interest from some neonatal units, use of it is being offered more widely.  We are including this resource to give staff background information if your unit are using this tool.

Small Wonders Films and Chapters

A document outlining each of the Small Wonders films and the chapters each film is broken down into.  This will help you navigate your way through the films when viewing and discussing film clips  with parents and staff, to help you make best use of this resource. Please note: the booklet that comes with the DVD also includes this information.

Small Wonders Consultation Process that informed the making of the DVD

A document outlining the in-depth consultation and piloting that has been carried out over the last two years with expert stakeholders and parents in developing the Small Wonders films.

Small Wonders Market Research Report - undertaken before filming began

A presentation of findings from the market research carried out to inform the development of the Small Wonders DVDs, undertaken by Cragg Ross Dawson on behalf of Best Beginnings before filming began.

Market-research with Parents on Rough-cuts

A presentation of findings from research carried out to get feedback from parents on the rough cuts of the Small Wonders DVDs, which was done by Sam Neill & Alex Walley on behalf of Best Beginnings.  Based on this research the DVD was broken down from 6 films into 12 shorter films and additional filming was undertaken.

Small Wonders Presentation for use on Units 2013

A presentation for Champions to 'tweak' and then use with staff to help raise awareness of the Small Wonders DVD and the plans to embed the DVD into use in your hospital.  The presentation is supposed to include film clips from Small Wonders - if you attended either of the Champion Pre-Launch Events in Manchester or London, you can embed the clips given to you on the USB sticks handed out there into the presentation. Otherwise we suggest that you use clips from the DVD itself - the DVD chapter guide (available for you to download on this page) can help you with this. Alternatively you may contact Best beginnings for clips to embed.

Evidence into Practice document

The evidence into practice document from the Yorkshire and Humber HIEC was commissioned to improve maternal and infant health and care through evidence-based change and education.  The report details the processes undertaken to drive change and improve care in neonatal units and admission in labour. Best Beginnings is working closely with the Y&H HIEC.

Below are clips from the Small Wonders DVD for you to download as .wmv files. These clips can be embedded into Powerpoint presentations or used in other ways to engage staff in your hospital and/or potential funders to secure funding for portable DVD players (if this funding hasn't already been secured in your hospital).