You can raise vital funds for Best Beginnings every time you buy or sell on Ebay.  Whatever you selling you can help to give every child in the UK the healthiest possible start in life by registering as a Best Beginnings supporter and donating a proportion of what you make.  Even better, Ebay will give you a fee credit on your basic insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage you donate.  If you donate 50% of your selling price to a charity, eBay will waive 50% of your fees.     
Find out how to register and start making a difference today.  

Do you own a banger that's merely gathering dust in the garage?  Giveacar is a UK based fundraising organisation that specialises in donating unwanted and scrap cars to charitable causes including Best Beginnings.  They provide a free UK wide service including collecting the vehicle and depening on the age and condition of the car either sending it for environmentally safe disposal and recycling or taking it to a salvage auction.  To arrange collection of a car visit or call 020 0011 1664 quoting (Best Beginnings) as your preferred charity. 

The Ultimate Sleep Company
This company provides superior luxury Memory Mattresses and they are kindly donating at least 10% from sales on their website and on eBay to various charities, including Best Beginnings ( So, go to their website and check out their range of incredible mattresses, and remember if you do purchase one, to specifiy that you'd like a percentage of the sale to go to Best Beginnings.

As a local business you can support Best Beginnngs by going to Recycle Appeal. At Recycle Appeal you can turn your old printer cartridges, mobile phones, CDs and DVDs into a donation to support UK babies.  Not only will you be supporting Best Beginnings but you'll also ensure that everything is reused and recycled protecting the planet.

Buy B*glam clothingYou can buy posters, funky Breastfeeding Manifesto tops for women and children and, if you are from outside the UK, you can buy your own copy of the 'From Bump to Breastfeeding' DVD.Some great companies also give us generous commission on sales. Check out these great sites:

Born is a one-stop shop for lovely natural, fair-trade and organic baby products including slings, nursing bras and baby clothes. The company has been supportive of our work since our beginning. Now, if you go to the Born website by clicking through here then Born will donate a percentage of what you spend to Best Beginnings. Please let your friends and family know too.

Use Everyclick to search the internet and raise money for Best BeginningsWhen you go to Everyclick to search the internet, you automatically raise money for Best Beginnings! You can even register as a fundraiser, add Everyclick to your search bar in your browser, and lots more.

Turn trash into cash!Everyone knows that recycling is good for the environment, but did you know that it can also help raise funds for Best Beginnings? Recycling Appeal will give Best Beginnings money for every used printer cartridge or discarded mobile phone that we send them. If you use a printer or fax machine at home or at work, you can help us by recycling the old cartridges. Each used cartridge could earn Best Beginnings around £1.

Considering more than 1.1 billion inkjet cartridges are used around the world, your fundraising potential is tremendous! It's also worth checking your drawers and cupboards for old mobile phones, as each mobile phone could earn Best Beginnings around £5.

Taking part is easy – simply visit and click the 'Recycle Now' button. If you have products to send in, you will either receive a freepost envelope or a call from a member of the Recycling Appeal team to co-ordinate a free collection from your home or office. It will cost you nothing!

To ensure the funds your products raise are directed to Best Beginnings, simply insert our name in the 'collecting for' field. Alternatively, you can call Recycling Appeal on 08451 302010 quoting our reference number VEN0316859.