Baby Buddy Leaflets and Posters

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We may be able to send you digital files of leaflets and posters so you can print it yourselves. This will reduce the cost as it will remove some of the charges. 

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Baby Buddy leaflets and posters are used to promote Baby Buddy in Children Centres, Maternity Wards, by community Health visitors and in many other settings. We have found that areas which use the leaflets and posters to advertise have a higher uptake of the app than in those areas where there is no advertising. 

Baby Buddy is the only pregnancy and parenting app endorsed by The Department of Health, RCM, iHV, and many other organisations. It is free to download, has won multiple awards and has no in-app advertising. It can be used by parents independently or with their healthcare professional. The features of Baby Buddy include daily, personalised notifications, the ability to find local services, set goals and appointments, search parenting and pregnancy terminology, find answers to questions and save questions to ask their healthcare professional at their next appointment. 

Baby Buddy has so far been embedded in to the maternity care pathway of 22 areas in the UK to support the work of midwives, health visitors, social workers and other healthcare professionals. These areas will receive posters and leaflets from their local Baby Buddy Champions.