Changing your settings

Go to the Bump World or Baby World menu bar and tap the settings wheel icon in the top righthand corner to change your settings.  

The 'Info' tab lets you update details such as your baby's due date, birth date and name. 

The 'Settings' tab lets you select whether you would like to receive notifications from certain app features. 

Press 'Save' in the top righthand corner to update the app with your changes. 


Your Bump / Baby Buddy

You’ll get to create (or choose) your very own Buddy. She will be your virtual friend who will support you on the emotional, physical and social journey through pregnancy and becoming a new parent.

Once you’ve created your Buddy she will ask you a few questions about you. This is so she can give you bite-sized bits of relevant and reliable information every day about you, your pregnancy and your baby. When your Buddy 'talks' to you she’ll mention you and your baby by name. You can change your baby’s name in Settings at anytime so if you call your baby 'strawberry' to begin with that is fine!  If you have a partner and you choose to tell your Buddy their name, she’ll mention them too. And if you are on your own your Buddy will give you useful information just right for you and to help you get all the support you might need.


Can I use Baby Buddy on more than one phone or tablet at once?

Baby Buddy does not currently support using multiple devices simultaneously. You can change permanently from one device to another but we recommend that you do not hop between one and another as there is a risk that your settings and content (e.g. diary entries and photos) could be lost.

What if I have forgotten my Baby Buddy password?

If you have forgotten your Baby Buddy password, you can reset it by tapping on “Forgot password?” on the app’s entry screen and you will be able to enter the email address associated with your account and have a reset password link emailed to you.

What if I get a new phone or need to reinstall the app?

If you download or reinstall the app, you can use your log in details to access all your account details and content as normal:

  • When you open the app for the first time after you reinstall it, at the bottom right of the screen it says “Have an account?” and if you tap here it takes you to a screen where you can log in with your details.

The app syncs every 24 hours if connected to Wi-Fi, so if the phone is lost or broken, all but the most recent changes should be stored. If you get a new phone you should do a manual backup on your original device before you login to Baby Buddy on your new phone to ensure that all photos and information are backed up. To do this, select the settings icon in the righthand corner of the menu bar, choose ‘Settings’ and click ‘Back up now’.

What happens to my personal information?

Your personal information:

  • is stored on a secure server
  • it is never passed on to third parties
  • it is only used to look at usage trends in an anonymised way


Why won't the app work on my phone?

Baby Buddy only supports Android versions 4.0 and up and iOS7 and up. If your phone is not compatible, we recommend that you check your phone manufacturer’s website to see if your software can be updated.  

Alternatively you can use the desktop version of Baby Buddy.