At Best Beginnings we are committed to spending the money that is generously donated, granted and fundraised to give every child in the UK the healthiest possible start in life. We have a small team and we are very grateful to everyone who helps us to make a big impact.  

In 2015/16 90% of all money given to Best Beginnings went directly into making a difference: helping us to develop and deliver innovative resources for parents and professionals.

The remaining 10 pence in the pound are spent ensuring that Best Beginnings run effectively and efficiently and raising funds to enable us to do even more in the future. 

Our full published accounts are available, with details of all that we have done each year.

Value for money

Best Beginnings have championed the approach of achieving more for less by finding and applying technology to solve old problems in new ways. Our resources bring added benefits and we have embraced the digital world.

Our resources are free at point of delivery, and content is never compromised for commercial consideration, thus keeping the parent and child service users' best interests at the heart of everything we do.

Best Beginnings is committed to reaching mothers and families universally whilst ensuring we deliver to the needs of families that are considered to be 'harder to reach' or less engaged. 

Best Beginnings’ empowering resources have reached more than two million parents and their children across the UK. With an expenditure of approximately £4 million that represents significant value for money at a cost of just £2 per family. 

Our appeals

We currently have two appeals and there are many ways you can donate, fundraise, or become a corporate partner with Best Beginnings.

Thank you for your support.