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Author: Anthony McHugh

Out of the Blue

Talking about maternal mental health


Author: Kathie Wu

Small Wonders

Supporting you when your baby is sick or premature


Author: Emma Van Allan

From Bump to Breastfeeding

Following real mothers' stories to find out how


Author: Emma Van Allan

Help every child have the best start

Help us develop our current and future projects to support parents to give their children the best start in life.



Target amount: £10,000.00

Amount raised: £34,931.40


Latest news

  • OUR CHANCE to make a difference

    Our Chance aims to engage parents, particularly those in higher risk groups, and empower them with the knowledge and confidence they need to have healthier pregnancies By being aware of the symptoms of possible complications, however rare, and knowing what steps can be taken to reduce risks, including lifestyle changes, parents will be able to maximise their chances of healthier outcomes. Read more

  • Our Chance Launches!

    Today Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, launched a new safer pregnancy campaign led by Best Beginnings and Sands to help address the national ambition to halve the rates of stillbirth, neonatal death and harm and maternal death and harm by 50% in 2030. Read more

  • Expanding our horizons

    Have we ever really stopped to think how each step in bringing a baby into this world and looking after him or her affects our lives in a practical way? Given below is a list of interesting articles that look at a range of experiences in maternity and how it affects our mental and emotional well being. Read more