Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.

Now that I am retired and have some more time, I want to contribute through fundraising and voluntary work to something I feel is important.

I have decided to support the work of Best Beginnings, a UK-based charity dedicated to ensuring that ‘all children, regardless of income or background, have the best start in life.’ Their work is informed by well-established evidence showing that ‘A strong start will lay the foundation for maximising a child's future life chances by supporting the development of good mental, physical and emotional well-being.’

Best Beginnings works closely with the NHS and seeks to ‘empower parents with the knowledge and confidence to look after their own health and their children's long-term development and well-being.’ You can read more about their goals and work at:

My reason for wanting to support this charity arises from the experience of lifelong mental health issues in my family, including post-natal depression and the consequences of that. As has often been the case, this went unrecognised and untreated. Best Beginnings helps to prevent these problems by supporting parents.

For my fundraising, I am going to start with a few organised runs and bike ride events including two half-marathons in 2020. Meanwhile, I’ll be planning some more challenging cycling and hiking adventures linked to the issues I want to help with.

This page will be updated with events that you can donate to, and with ideas for my future activities. All of the money you donate will go to Best Beginnings.

Please feel free to contact me on [email protected]

Thanks very much!


Nigel Bruce