Baby Buddy, the free multi-award winning app for parents and parents-to-be is designed in collaboration with parents, academics, doctors, midwives and other organisations. Best Beginnings developed Baby Buddy to guide parents through pregnancy, birth and the early stages of parenting.  Baby Buddy becomes a virtual friend and personal baby expert providing parents with the tools, knowledge and confidence to give their children the best start in life. 


Baby Buddy has won many awards including the prestigious AXA PPP, Guardian Public Service's Digital and Technology Award and RCM Midwifery awards.

Baby Buddy automatically sends you relevant and personalised "Daily Information"; answers questions; signposts support; tracks progress and more. 99% of parents using the app say that it is easy to use and 99% of parents say Baby Buddy has helped them to take care of their children. With more than 300 short video clips of parents sharing their own stories and professional sharing advice, you never need to feel alone. 

As one Baby Buddy user said, 

 “Baby Buddy has been a real buddy to me. I have enjoyed great mental companionship from it. The daily advice has been really helpful in caring for my baby, my partner and I. This is a brilliant and amazing app. Thumbs up!”

Baby Buddy launched in November 2014 and has been downloaded over 200,000 times. 

You can explore the web version of Baby Buddy or download the full version of the app for free on the App Store and Google Play. Baby Buddy is accredited by the NHS and is available in the NHS Apps Library. It is also rated as a top ten app on ORCHA.

What our users say about Baby Buddy:

“I'm so sad it's over - this app has been with me for a year, it actually felt like a friend! Thank you everyone at baby buddy, you've kept me company at some of the loneliest and confusing times and I'll miss this app tremendously x”

-Baby Buddy user in 2016

"Your baby buddy app is fantastic!! Cleverly written to make any struggling new mum feel normal! Thank you for helping me through the incredibly dark times after my daughters birth, this app has been on an incredible journey with me and my beautiful growing family!!"

-Baby Buddy user in 2017

"Hi, I just wanna say thank you for the baby buddy app, I've had it since I found out I was pregnant. Its been brilliant and helped me feel so much closer to my little boy when I was pregnant. I'm lost without it now he has turned 6months"

-Baby Buddy user in 2018

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Insights from evaluation have shown that areas which actively embed Baby Buddy app with commissioned support from Best Beginnings have observed higher rates of engagement and reach parents of all backgrounds.

For more information about Baby Buddy app email [email protected] 

A dads' version of the app is in the planning stages. If you are a young dad or dad-to-be, you can find out about the dads' app here.