The Baby Buddy app has been created to support parents, co-parents, and caregivers, and to augment and enrich the work of frontline practitioners. Baby Buddy provides trusted, evidence-based information and self-care tools, based on the latest research, and is endorsed by eight royal colleges, including the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. 

Baby Buddy is the first parenting app to provide daily content for fathers and other non-birthing parents. Almost half a million users have registered on the app since its launch in 2014. 99% of parents using the app say that it is easy to use and has helped them to take care of their children. Baby Buddy increases the confidence of parents (94%) and supports users to get more out of their engagement with healthcare professionals (76%), whilst improving breastfeeding, parental self efficacy, maternal and infant bonding, and strengthening multidisciplinary working amongst healthcare professionals.   

Baby Buddy Local is a cohesive structured programme that aims to work collaboratively with local healthcare pathways and community networks to demonstrate how Baby Buddy can meet the needs of families, complementing local programmes, such as healthy eating, infant feeding, mental health, and smoking cessation services. 

Proposed Tender

Creating community partnerships is a core element of localising Baby Buddy in Birmingham.

We invite local community organisations in Birmingham to share their ideas of how they would promote and integrate Baby Buddy in their work programmes.  

  • Objective: To promote the roll-out and delivery of the Baby Buddy app throughout Birmingham
  • Project time period: 6-9 months  
  • Target population: Expectant and new parents from all backgrounds across Birmingham  
  • Deadline: 7th of May 2024 – completed proposal to be shared with Tiffeny Wright on [email protected]  

Please download the application form here