What is Out of the Blue?

Out of the Blue is a series of videos that was designed to address and support parents who may be experiencing a wide range of mental health problems: from generalised low mood and anxiety to severe depression and postpartum psychosis. Best Beginnings actively promotes the idea that mental health is as important and physical health. Best Beginnings' participation in the Heads Together campaign, spearheaded by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, helped us spotlight the impact of mental health problems on mothers, fathers and babies during the antenatal and postnatal period and the longer term impact on their children. Out of the Blue Project was funded by Comic Relief.

Why do we need Out of the Blue?

The changes experienced during pregnancy, motherhood and fatherhood can be difficult - some people struggle with emotional issues as well as physical symptoms. These can vary from very mild to very serious.

Up to 1 in 5 women will suffer mental health issues during pregnancy and the year after birth.

Best Beginnings wanted to increase awareness of the symptoms of deteriorating mental health, for families to know that there is nothing to be ashamed about, that they are not the only ones feeling this way, that there is help and with the right support, recover and wellbeing is possible.

Out of the Blue films:

  • 12 short clips to help you understand your baby and support bonding, and support your baby's brain development
  • 64 short clips to support your mental health in pregnancy and after your baby is born
  • 7 longer videos (approx 20 minutes duration each) including an Introduction to Maternal Mental Health, and Fathers and Maternal Mental Health

To find out more about the Out of the Blue film series, its creation, contributors and use, download our Out of the Blue Booklet.

Where to watch Out of the Blue?

You can watch Out of the Blue in our free multi-award winning Baby Buddy app or online on our web version.

Making Out of the Blue

As with all Best Beginning other projects, this has been a product of co-creation project with parents, professionals, Royal Colleges and other professional bodies 

We worked with mums in recovery as well as dads and other family members to document their journeys and answer the questions that parents want answered. As with all Best Beginnings' resources, the content, tone and style of the Out of the Blue films was shaped by our independent Editorial Board and our Parent Panel. See below the making of Out of the Blue timeline:

Out of the Blue project timeline

Launching Out of the Blue with The Duchess of Cambridge

Out of the Blue covers:

  • The antenatal period (during pregnancy)
    • Bonding with your baby during pregnancy (which can reduce risk of mental health issues)
    • Warning signs of mental health issues
    • How to look after yourself in pregnancy
    • The importance of escalating (the right support at the right time can promote optimum healthy parent-infant relationship)
    • Where to go for support
  • The period immediately after birth
    • What feelings are normal
    • How to spot warning signs of post-natal depression (PND)
    • Bonding with your baby (which can reduce risk of PND)
    • Where to go for support
  • The longer-term post birth period
    • What checks can you expect from your midwife or health visitor relating to PND and why they are done
    • Warning signs of PND
    • How to look after your mental health and where to go for support
  • More complex mental health issues
    • Underlying mental-health issues and problems that can arise after birth, including postpartum psychosis
    • Highlighting warning signs
    • Support services available to mums to help manage mental illness symptoms
  • Bonding and attunement - infant communication and mental health
    • Understanding different cries and prolonged crying
    • Recognising waking, rousing and sleep states
    • Understanding cuddling and movement

Want to know more about Out of the Blue?

Visit the Out of the Blue Impact and Evaluation page.

More information about terminology, impact, classification and further support is available on our Helping Parents with Mental Health Issues page. For a quick look at a few of the Out of the Blue films, click here

Some of the films are for professional training only.  The rest are freely available to watch and are fully integrated into our free Baby Buddy app which you can download here.

If you need support:

You are the best judge of your own health and of your baby's health.  If you think there is something out of the ordinary then it is important to talk to someone and not bottle it up:

  • Talk to your partner, family or a friend – it helps to share your concerns
  • Talk to your doctor, midwife or health visitor
  • Contact the organisations that are part of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance
  • In an emergency dial 999

To find out how Best Beginnings can work with you in your are and use our Out of the Blue resources email Carly, our Head of Delivery at [email protected]