Our vision is that all children, regardless of income or background, have the best start in life.

A strong start will lay the foundation for maximising a child's future life chances  by supporting the development of good mental, physical and  emotional well-being.

A baby born in Bradford is five times more likely to die before his first birthday than a baby born in Bracknell Forest.

Best Beginnings was set up in 2006 to tackle stark inequalities across the UK: thousands of children are born every year who are at unacceptably greater risk of early death, poor language development and chronic physical and mental health conditions.  The impact on society is huge; the individual suffering is enormous.

Best Beginnings works to reduce inter-generational cycles of inequality by  helping families in communities across the country to build their knowledge and confidence to look after their own and their children's health and well-being. Studies show that informed and confident parenting plays a bigger role than income or background when it comes improving outcomes. We reach parents during the critical "window of opportunity" between preconception and a child's third birthday, when the foundations for future development are aid.

With #PowerofCollaboration, the Best Beginnings team works with individuals and organisations, including grant-giving trusts and foundations, the NHS, local authorities, and ethical corporate partners to support and promote the charity's work

In our first decade as a charity we have reached nearly three million families.