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1. Introduction 

2. Preparing for birth

Meet four prospective mums, Melissa, Maria, Teresa and Angela. Melissa has never been through labour – she had a caesarian-section with her previous child. For medical reasons Maria has to have a c-section; Teresa wants to give birth at home; and Angela is expecting her third child. We follow them as they prepare for their births.

3. Birth, skin-to-skin and the first feed

All our mums have different birth experiences. Find out why skin-to-skin contact is so important and about breastfeeding for the first time. "It's a great feeling to be able to provide for him without anything else, just me myself," Angela says. Melissa’s partner Andy says breastfeeding is healthy, cheaper and much less effort than making up bottles.

4. The early days and weeks

Angela is back home with baby Cameron and breastfeeding is going well. "It's a great feeling to be able to sit there and watch him feeding away. It's a really special bond," she says. Teresa is making sure she has plenty of contact with Rufus, ensuring her body is supplying enough milk for him. Breastfeeding can protect you against ovarian cancer and give you stronger bones in later life.

5. Graphic of a baby attaching on the breast

How to make sure your baby is attaching well at the breast. 

6. Feeding out and about

Meet four mums whose babies have been breastfeeding for a little while and hear their experiences. Linda was troubled by breastfeeding outside the home – until she tried it. "I thought, 'nobody breastfeeds in public,'” she says. “What I realised is, loads of women breastfeed in public, you just don't realise it's happening."

7. Overcoming challenges

Find out about overcoming challenges like uncomfortably full breasts and mastitis, and how to position your baby so he or she feeds properly.

8. Introducing other foods

Linda and Heidi have fed their babies breast milk for six months. Now their babies are ready to try their first solids.

9. What to expect in the first few weeks

Join a class with specialist midwife Bella Dale, who explains how breastfeeding works and how mums' bodies start preparing to feed their babies before birth.

10. Overcoming challenges

Three mums tell us how they overcame hurdles with breastfeeding. Thomasina overcame sore nipples, while Lowri encountered mastitis, both of which were caused because their babies weren't attaching properly at the breast.

11. Expressing and returning to work

We meet three mothers who express their milk for different reasons and learnt how to do it in different ways. Find out techniques for expressing, different pumps and ways to store breast milk. We also discover how mothers fit breastfeeding into their return to work.

12. Breastfeeding your sick or pre-term baby

In their first few weeks, pre-term babies may be fed using a nasogastric tube. But as they progress they will begin to take milk feeds, usually through a tube into the baby's mouth or nose. Breast milk is best for many reasons. Find out why and how as we follow four mothers and their premature babies.

13. Breastfeeding twins or more

Follow three mothers as they share their tips on the joys and challenges of feeding twins.