"You get told a lot of things to do when you have your baby, it can feel stressful enough without being bombarded with information, so Baby Express is a more friendly way of giving you the information you need." ~ new mum

What is Baby Express?

Best Beginnings' Baby Express magazine is a month-by-month printed magazine designed to guide and support new parents in enjoying their baby's first year. Each issue provides information on the physical, social and emotional development of their baby, as well as providing a non-judgemental source of support for parents on their journey into parenthood.

The magazines compliment our Baby Buddy app and can be really helpful if parents do not have a smart phone or easy internet access. Baby Express has been endorsed by several organisations.

This evidence-based magazine has been designed to be delivered to homes once a month until baby is 12 months old. It gives good, clear, helpful guidance about what to expect during the first year and top tips about how babies grow and learn. It is very colourful, easy to read and includes lots of real life photos of parents and baby's at different ages and stages.

How can I read Baby Express?

You can read the outline issues of Baby Express using the links below.

The printed version is being given out to families in three area in the North of England and we hope to be able to provide the magazine in other areas in the coming months and years.

Issues 11 and 12 will be uploaded soon.

Baby Express Issue 1

Baby Express Issue 5

Baby Express Issue 9

Baby Express Issue 2

Baby Express Issue 6

Baby Express Issue 10

Baby Express Issue 3

Baby Express Issue 7

Baby Express Issue 4

Baby Express Issue 8

If you are a healthcare professional or would like to know more about Baby Express:

Find out more on our Baby Express Evidence, Impact and Evaluation page.

We hope to also produce Toddler Express which would take you to your baby's second birthday.