Your baby's reaching out and grasping skills are improving. Watch him or her when they want a toy. At first he had to look from his hand to the toy and back again, so he could judge the distance between them. But now he is learning how to grap for it directly, without looking at his hand first.

Nursery rhymes with actions

Babies love songs and rhymes with actions. When they hear the same rhymes they get to know them and to know which action is coming next - especally a tickle! It's great to do some action nursery thymes with your baby every day.

Here are some baby favourites. If you know words that are a little different, that's okay. Just use the ones you know - or make up your own.

Natalia, 11 months old, enjoying singing 'Row, row, row your boat' in the garden with her mum Alicia

Natalia and her mum Alicia singing Incey wincey spider