Babies love moving round on their own, and many babies begin crawling around this age. Your baby’s first efforts to crawl will probably be towards something - it could be a favourite toy, or you, or something else that’s caught their eye.

You can encourage them to move towards you by holding out your arms to them, down near their level. Don’t be surprised if they fall over onto their face a few times while getting started. When you can, keep them on a soft blanket or carpet so they won’t hurt themself. If they are not really interested, try again another time. Keep it fun!

Once your baby crawls, it won’t be long until they can pull themself up so they can stand, holding on to the furniture. They may get up and not know how to get back down. They may cry to be rescued again and again.

You can teach her/her to get down onto her knees or bottom - move their body down so they feel what it’s like to bend or drop slowly. Be patient. They will learn soon.

Action nursery rhymes

Turn the TV off and have fun with your baby singing nursery rhythms with actions. Your baby will learn to do the actions long before they can say the words.

Here are some baby favourites. If you know word that are a little differen, that's okay. Just use the ones you know - or make up your own.

Natalia, 11 months old, enjoying singing 'Row, row, row your boat' in the garden with her mum Alicia

Natalia and her mum Alicia singing Incey wincey spider