Your baby may be able to roll from his stomach to his back and then over to his stomach again, which a rest in between. Some babies can get across a room this way.

Your baby's legs are getting stronger too. He may love to stand up, with you holding him under his arms. he may bounce up and down. This can help his legs prepare from crawling and walking.

Some babies lean how to sit up themselves at around this ages. If your baby is doing this, make sure he has soft surfaces to fall on if the topples over.

Introducing solids

When you start giving your baby solid food, breast milk or formula will still be his main food at first. Babies take time to learn to eat and at the beginnings, solid food is mostly for learning and fun. So don't worry about much he/she eats. What matters at this age is practising how to eat.

Here's a film on From Bump to Breastfeeding about introducing other foods to your baby's diet: