Baby Buddy is your personal baby expert who will guide you through your pregnancy and the first six months of your baby’s life. The app has been designed with parents and professionals to help you give your baby the best start in life and support your health and wellbeing.

See here what mums say about using Baby Buddy:

Here you can listen to a radio interview on Radio Shropshire in April 2019 with a mum in her third pregnancy, Zoe, using Baby Buddy app:

First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful job that you did on Baby buddy app, it was really helpful at all levels! Taught me a lot, gave me examples and experiences of others mums, and above all gave me the confidence to carry on this wonderful journey of being a mum.
Do you believe that using the app was a daily routine for me like having a shower or brushing my teeth? I’m feeling melancholy for just to know that I’m not having it anymore."

-a new mum and Baby Buddy user 2017-2018

"Your baby buddy app is fantastic!! Cleverly written to make any struggling new mum feel normal! Thank you for helping me through the incredibly dark times after my daughters birth, this app has been on an incredible journey with me and my beautiful growing family!!

Thanks all"

-a new mum and Baby Buddy user 2017-2018

"Hi there, my baby has just reached 6 months so I’ve had an alert to email you to be contacted when you future app is developed. 

I would also like to say how sad I am that the ‘daily updates’ part of the app won’t now continue. I have really really enjoyed my daily updates, advice and support as a first-time mummy I can’t explain how much it has helped and just given that reassurance that it’s normal to feel the way I have or that baby is doing the things he should be. 

What an amazing thing you have created.

Thank you!!"

-a new mum and Baby Buddy user 2017-2018

“Hi there Just wanted to say, I'm really enjoying this app! I love how personal it all is- like the way our names appear in today's info and how the notifications appear . Especially yesterday when I was having a bad day, and 'well done Beth for being felix's mummy for 13 weeks now ' and 'you're still breastfeeding ! Felix is very lucky' appeared randomly on my phone ! It really gave me a boost ! Just what us sleep deprived mums need :) So thank you X”

-a new mum and Baby Buddy user 2016-2017

“Don't know how I would have done it without this app. Through pregnancy & the first few months. Defiantly hope they bring out an app for older baby's as it has been so great. So supportive better then any book or friend. Supplied me with facts & reassured me at times. 6/5 stars from me. Thank You so much to who ever took part in the making of the app. I love it & will/have recommended it to all my friends. Please bring out one for 6months+ & keep making them as they are great."

-a new mum and Baby Buddy user 2015-2016