Wishing everyone a happy and healthy best beginning to 2016!

Whatever age our children are, as parents we have an amazing role as ‘brain builders’. Daily positive communication with our children will support their emotional, language and social development. The earlier we start the better. This is why my new year’s resolution is aimed at pregnant families and parents with young babies. I encourage you to download our free Baby Buddy app to receive daily information to support you as parents and help you look after your baby.

Babies recognise their parent's voice from the womb and will recognise their face by the end of their first day. Babies are born ready and wanting to communicate. Mums, dads and partners can encourage this by talking and singing to their bump, and also having lots of eye contact and skin to skin contact once their baby is born. Bonding boosts levels of the hormone oxytocin in mum, partner and baby, providing a sense of calm and wellbeing.

The Baby Buddy app gives you access to films about mental health and being a ‘brain builder’ and also will allow you to set regular reminders to talk to your bump or baby. There is no better way to start a year!

Watch young mums talk about using Baby Buddy:

Watch a film about using Baby Buddy in service delivery: