Support parents and soon-to-be parents

Seasonal festivities, being a new parent or expecting a baby - these are times that you might feel you are supposed to be happy. In truth, many pregnant and new parents and their babies will be impacted by low mood, anxiety, depression and other conditions.

Knowing what symptoms to look out for, what to do and where to find help is just some of the support we offer. 

Our flagship portal is our award-winning free and advert-free intervention in the form of a pregnancy and parenting app - Baby Buddy. Baby Buddy is trusted by professionals and provides personalised, helpful information every day of pregnancy and the early stages of parenting. It is scientifically designed to allow parents to build the knowledge and confidence they need to look after themselves and their children.

Did you know that there is a critical "window of opportunity" that opens very early in a child's life - between its conception and its third birthday. These are the formative 1000 days when the foundations of physical and mental well-being, language and brain development are laid. This is how we can help improve a child's future life chances, regardless of their family's income or background. 

Best Beginnings is part of this year's BIG GIVE Christmas Challenge. This festive season, we ask you to dig deep so we can continue to maintain, develop and deliver, our quality-assured information and support to all families and particularly to those with greatest need. Thanks to Garfield Weston Foundation, all donations up to £25,000 are match funded.

Give Big and Double Your Give this festive season and help give all children the best start in life

"I'm so sad it's over - this app has been with me for a year, it actually felt like a friend! Thank you everyone at baby buddy, you've kept me company at some of the loneliest and confusing times and I'll miss this app tremendously x"

-a new mum and a Baby Buddy™ user 

"Your baby buddy app is fantastic!! Cleverly written to make any struggling new mum feel normal! Thank you for helping me through the incredibly dark times after my daughters birth, this app has been on an incredible journey with me and my beautiful growing family!! Please inform me when your next app for older children comes out."

-a new mum and Baby Buddy™ user 

See here a glance of the support parents and soon-to-be parents get during their journey with Baby Buddy™:

Special thanks to BIG GIVE and to Garfield Weston Foundation for supporting our work.