Best Beginnings is a member of Public Health England's Child Oral Health Improvement Programme board. Having launched new oral health content in Baby Buddy in June, Asma Keshtgar (UCLH SHO) shares her experience of showcasing Baby Buddy at the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry.

Dr Asma Keshtgar

The motto of the 2018 EAPD conference was ‘Children deserve vital teeth’; this can be achieved through prevention and education, which is the overall ethos of Baby Buddy.

The EAPD conference was held over 4 days at the Conference centre, Lugano, Switzerland in June 2018, overlooking the scenic Lake Lugano. Speakers from all over the world attended to update the Paediatric Dental profession on their work, research and clinical cases.

I saw the conference as a great platform to share the new oral health content of the Baby Buddy Healthcare app and website, which went live in June 2018.  During my presentation I demonstrated how to navigate through the evidence-based app. I showcased the information available including tailored advice on teething, toothbrushing, weaning and much more based on the baby’s age. Several areas of advice for pregnant mothers, including whether to brush teeth after morning sickness or vomiting and how to look after teeth and gums were covered.

The feedback from colleagues was phenomenal, with recognition on how user friendly and tailored the advice can be. Living within the digital age, we need to take technology in our stride; ensuring our advice is shared in a manner which can easily be received. Colleagues commended the app and described it as ‘a great innovation to reduce inequalities using modern technology’ therefore giving every child the best start in life.  

I would like to thank Professor Nigel Hunt who supervised my work during this project, Best Beginnings, and everyone who has helped create and develop Baby Buddy. I look forward to the next steps of Baby Buddy and can see a bright future of prevention ahead.

-Dr Asma Keshtgar