Best Beginnings Ambassador Charlie Webster, consultant paediatrician Dr Judith Meek, and MP Graham Allen and I have spoken at a Breastfeeding Manifesto event in Parliament.

The event, which took place during National Breastfeeding Week, aimed to ensure the support of the new coalition government. What follows below is a short film giving an overview of the event.

This process is to be assisted by Annette Brooke MP, who will now be the government party champion for the Manifesto. In the 10 minute film below you can watch speeches by Charlie Webster and by Graham Allen MP on the importance of the Breastfeeding Manifesto.

The film below is off all the speeches from the afternoon. To see the shared presentation between Dr Judith Meek and Alison Baum start 10 minutes in to this 24 minute clip.

See below for pictures from the event.

Charlie Webster & Alison Baum

Best Beginnings Trustee and paediatrician Dr Judith Meek