My daughter is 8 weeks old and parenthood is going really well. The first few weeks are tough but once you find your routine it’s great – you have concerns but power through and manage.  

Baby Buddy is great because you get insights every day about where you are and tips to remind you of things like your doctors appointments. It’s a little bit like having a PA! I first found out about Baby Buddy after giving birth when I looked through some leaflets given to me by the NHS. Since then, I have used Baby Buddy every couple of days. As soon as I get the chance, I look at the app and go through every single article to catch up with the feed.  

I think there is so much useful information in Baby Buddy and I read out the information to my partner to make him aware of the different development stages our daughter is going through and things to look out for. Sometimes the notifications include supportive comments reminding you not to worry about something. This can be helpful in reassuring you about things you may be feeling as a new parent but are not talking to people about.  

Baby Buddy is the go-to app for parents, parents-to-be and caregivers. 

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